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Wa hey!  Whoopie Doo!  Our OWN personal web page!  Wow!   Like, no-one's ever done this before!


So, who the Hell are we?  Simon and Janet Reed.  Janet and Simon Reed.

I am Simon Reed.  From Salford, Manchester, but I remember nothing about the place as I was too young to remember when my family left.  Where am I from?  Here.  I work in the computer industry, originally as a programmer, currently as a freelance project mangler.  I have my own company, SandJ Information Services Limited, which makes me a company director, a company secretary and a shareholder.  On one hand, life achievements, on the other, just sticks for the tax collectors to beat me with.  I am into wargaming and trying to minimise stress.

I am Janet Reed - I was Janet Gill until I convinced Simon to change my name.  Historically I am a librarian, now I am a home-based, self-employed indexer and proof-reader.  I have my own business, Reed 'n' Right, which some people think has a silly name but I am proud of it.

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