Pictures of our teddies:

Above are Humph, Teddy, Someone Special, Harvey and Snowy.

Below they are again.

Snowy is a teddy bear who came from the Middle East over thirty years ago.
Humph is the Victor Meldrew of the teddy bear world - not that he'll thank me for telling you that.
Jack Tar is the opposite of a stowaway.  We were fortunate enough to be on the maiden voyage of the Ocean Princess liner.  Jack Tar was on board at the start of the voyage but left to live with us.  He's a roughty-toughty teddy that likes to sit up drinking rum on Friday nights.
In Jack Tar's lap is Rudi.  Rudi is a reindeer but is an honorary teddy.  He came from Finland.  He insists on being on the Christmas tree because he had a red nose.  He tends to hibernate from October to mid December to prepare for his tree duty, and again from mid January to Easter to recover.
Next is Harvey, or, in full, Harvey Goldsmith.  He is a very responsible bear: he is in charge of looking after jewellery.   The jewellers, Goldsmiths, gave him to us to look after.  Despite being responsible, he is quite, quite scatterbrained.  Hence, he is scatty Harvey.  Sadly, Jan tried to make him feel better one day by giving him a posh title: Scattylogical Harvey.  Ahem.  I haven't told him or her what that word means; if you know what it means please keep schtum.  If you don't, don't bother looking it up; it is not likely to be a word you need to know exists.
Next is the biggest of the big bears, Teddy Bear.  He still has his bow tie in this picture.  That has long since gone now.  He didn't like it and nor did I.
In Teddy's lap is Someone Special.  Yep, that's his name.  He looks after whatever Jan's PC is at the time.  It was Someone Special who got Jan through her BA.


Snowy13th January
Humph25th May
Jack Tar15th February
Rudi25th December
Harvey25th December
Teddy21st June
Someone Special25th October
Techno Ted25th October
Cefn CoedEaster
Beanie25th December
Patches15th February
Lolly25th December
Shambles2nd Friday in December
Jersey Jem14th August
Snuggles15th February
Cadbury Bear29th  September
BartyHe's still trying to decide...
Scruffy13th January
Mumbles13th May
Alderney13th January
Rupert25th December
The lamb with no name29th September
The Kleenex Bears15th February
Congratulations Bear13th May
The Teasel Mice13th May
Kenny15th April

There are others...