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I am a member of the Manticore Games Club, oops, they changed their name in May 2002 to The Hemel Hempstead Games Club.  Their website is at www.hemelgamesclub.co.uk.  You'll learn more from there than you will from me!  If you live anywhere within an hour's travel of Hemel and are into wargaming, board games, CCGs then give The Hemel Hempstead Games Club a try.

When I moved to Leeds, I was very pleased to find the Leeds Wargames Club.  They are also a general gaming club (as opposed to a wargames club as their name suggests).  I can thoroughly recommend them as a friendly group willing to play most anything.  Their web site is www.leedswargamesclub.org.uk.  Their day of meeting varies between Wednesdays and Tuesdays thus: calendar.

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Places to buy models:

www.britains-toy-soldiers.com Old and New Lead and Plastic Figures

www.copplestonecastings.co.uk Future Wars; WW1; Darkest Africa; Fantasy; evil snowmen!

www.pulpfigures.com - "I've just got my 1st order through, some lovely figures."

www.wargamesfoundry.com - "28mm tall hand cast metal models in our traditional lead-tin alloy, for modelers, gamers, collectors, diorama builders and painters. All models are supplied unpainted."

www.wizards.com - Wizards of the Coast (as in purveyors of the Magic: the Gathering collectible card game)
www.wizards.com swminis - "The new plastic pre-painted Star Wars minis from Wizards look pretty good - but most of them are undeniably a bit too 'Star Warsy' for generic sci-fi play."
www.wizards.com dnd - their D&D miniatures.








www.dwarvenforge.com - Dwarven Forge

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theminiaturespage.com - message boards and news

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www.wk.frothersunite.com/mini/links.html - Frothers Unite! UK Miniatures Links Page