BA/BSc Information Management (Librarianship) Year 3

301G50355A Advanced Information Handling

Assignment No.1 - Designing an On-Line Newsletter with Reference to Information Resource Management and Knowledge Management

Group 1D

Themes: Communication & Management and Workplace

Online Newsletter

Issue number: 1

This Newsletter has been compiled by Vanessa Iturricastillo, Janet Reed and Kelly Thomson


We have compiled this newsletter for the staff and students of Thames Valley University's (TVU) Learning Resource Centre (LRC). In this first issue, we have concentrated on a few major issues. Vanessa has concentrated on document delivery services, Janet has dealt with videoconferencing and Kelly has looked at groupware. These issues have been explored with a view to their usefulness and relevance to the LRC at TVU.

We have yet to decide a name for this newsletter, so any (clean!) suggestions would be welcomed. Please contact one of the above by Groupwise Email (see below).

We hope you find this newsletter useful and interesting.


"Videoconferencing" by Janet Reed

"Groupware" by Kelly Thomson

"Document Delivery Systems" by Vanessa Iturricastillo


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