Combatants in the Battle for Restune 5

Since those playing were not familiar with Warhammer 40K, I printed off a sheet showing what the models look like.  This is what I included.


Headquarters Librarian Brunus Edwardii and 6th Company 1st Tactical Squad Veteran Sergeant

dreadspeed.jpg (18818 bytes)

2nd Company Dreadnought and 1st Company Land Speeder Squadron

2nd Company 1st Assault Squad: Veteran Sergeant with bolt pistol and powerfist, 2 marines with bolt pistols and close combat weapons, 2 marines with plasma pistols and close combat weapons

Tactical squad troops: 2 with missile launchers and 2 with flamers

Troops with bolt guns



Headquarters Archon Lord with 4 Incubi  

Troops: Sybarites, splinter cannons, dark lances, blasters, shredders, splinter rifles  

Raider transport  

Reaver JetBikes