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Should you ever get the desire to invest in any Iomega products, do a Google search first and see what other people think.  I have spent about 1000 on Iomega products and had a better return on investment from my box of 2nd hand floppy disks.

Message-ID: <>
From: Edward Knobloch <>
Subject: Re: How to start backup ?
Date: Wed, 28 May 2003 16:26:58 GMT

WildHockey wrote:
> I just purchased an Iomega ditto 2GB tape backup device with Veritas Ditto
> Tools v5.5 software.  There is no User Guide.  Can you tell me what file off
> the the CD-ROM I need to execute to start a backup?  Thanks a bunch.

ditwintools.exe (self-extracting) will install Veritas Ditto Tools Ver 5.5, also known as Quick Back-up for Windows.
It's Copyright 1999, so should be Y2K OK.  See the readme.txt cautions.

Ditto98.exe will install Iomega One-Step Backup for Win 98.
(I didn't like this program - it seemed way too insistant.)

Ditdostools.exe will install Veritas Quick Back-Up Ver 5.3 for DOS.
Note: I found that my standard DOS boot disks (which include CD ROM drivers and such) didn't leave enough conventional memory to run Qbackup's Restore function, without having to shut down TSR's.  I got a "memory allocation error" warning until I realized the problem.

All three programs are available for download at the web page, in the Ditto support area.  They may be more up-to-date than the CD that accompanied your Ditto Tape Drive.

Anything else?

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