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I don't want a user or customer to tell me their web site is down, I expect the computer to tell me first. There are services who do this for you, for free. I use two:


The free version will run up to every five minutes and check the HTTP version of your site is up. Does not seem to detect SSL security expiry or ale to check if one's email server is down.

Provides a standard link for your status page, like this: https://stats.uptimerobot.com/G6yoXs15DE

It also allows a customised URL, like this: https://allpages.s-and-j.co.uk/ but I could not work how to set up the SSL certificate to make that work. Instead, I have made it a redirect to the standard link.


I have three public links set up:

It does not do SSL monitoring in the free plan.

It does 'domain monitoring' but only does one domain.

SSL Monitoring Options

Free SSL monitoring tools include:

  • Sematext Synthetics not free
  • TrackSSL only does two domains on the free plan
  • Pingdom free trial is for just 14 days
  • Smartbear free trial is temporary
  • Sucuri - no free option
  • Certificate Expiry Monitor - not suitable for me
  • SSL Certification Expiration Checker - locally installed; quickly turned into a world of pain
  • Dotcom-Monitor - free trial is for 30 days
  • Datadog - free trial is for 14 days
  • UptimeRobot - SSL checking is not free
  • SSLHub - free trial is for two domains
  • Updown - SSL checking is not free
  • StatusCake - SSL checking is not free
  • Oh Dear! - SSL checking is not free
  • HTTPS Cop - Merely warns of impending expiry
  • CertsMonitor - free trial is for two domains
  • Site24x7 - free trial is 30 days
  • Keychest - looks promising, currently trying it
  • Let’s Monitor - free trial is for five domains. Have set it up anyway for...
    • ConscienceOnline.org.uk
    • conscience.ddns.net
    • NoNewWars.co.uk
    • S-and-J.co.uk
    • SandJLtd.co.uk

Sites I want to check are also:

  • Reed-n-Right.co.uk
  • SGR - sgr.org.uk
  • Science for Society - s4s.org.uk
  • Peace Pays - PeacePays.org
  • The Fund War No More blog (Karen's blog) - blog.conscienceonline.org.uk
  • PeaceTaxSeven - PeaceTaxSeven.com
  • CPTI - cpti.ws

Also aliases and redirects:

  • c-o.org.uk
  • conscienceonline.co.uk
  • pay4peace.uk