Ubuntu, partitions, booting and GRUB

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Random stuff

If you do not see your grub menu then press SHIFT whilst booting.

You see the boot menu entitled with GRUB, but GRUB is not installed!

sudo update-grub

More details.


How to remove surplus grub menu entries.

Is there a way to remove/hide old kernel versions?

"Personally, I wouldn't touch Computer Janitor since this is acknowledged to break your computer with its suggestions." - that's a shame.

To check which kernel you are using type:

uname -r

To change a partition's UUID (handy when you have just duplicated one as a backup):

sudo tune2fs -U random /dev/sdXY

then do another

sudo update-grub

but that will only work from the first operating system in the GRUB menu.

The sequence of the operating systems in the GRUB menu has nothing to do with their order on the disk but some arcane magic.