Scrum Training

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Suggested agenda for a Scrum training course

  1. The power of self organisation - requires exercise(s)
  2. The importance of trust
  3. Agile principles - go through the history of Agile up to the Agile Manifesto
  4. The meaning of "Ready for release"
  5. The Scrum cycle - using a diagram
  6. The 3 Scrum roles and responsibilities
  7. User stories - what they are, the template, the benefits
  8. The meaning of "Done"
  9. Story points - why
  10. Estimating - Delphi method and Planning Poker
  11. Velocity
  12. Using a Sprint task board
  13. The burndown chart
  14. Run through a sprint cycle

Extra topics

  1. Empirical versus defined processes
  2. The value of colocation