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I did have a go at writing a detailed page of all the different options, but lost much it. It is now here: Online_file_mirroring_services_-_WAS

I have been using Dropbox for many years, despite their two data breaches. Now (August 2018) they are complaining about supporting Linux, I have been looking elsewhere. Most useful has been the support discussion on the Dropbox web site from other disgruntled Linux customers: Dropbox client warns me that it'll stop syncing in Nov, why? The advice seems to be to go to pCloud, yet it doesn't even have its own page on Wikipedia. It's not even in the table of Wikipedia's 'Comparison of online backup services'.

It wants to be downloaded as an AppImage format. My main PC does not support them yet - I haven't upgraded to a version of Linux that does. On that machine I have installed the CLI version.

Oh, my mistake - it does work. I just needed to follow the instructions and make the downloaded file executable and run it. That prompted for my username and password, as entered on the web site, and it connected.


  • install pCloud, which uses a ~/pCloudDrive virtual directory.
  • pause Dropbox syncing
  • add a new sync between ~/Dropbox and ~/pCloudDrive and see what happens.

You cannot sync ~/pCloudDrive itself, it won't let you. I need to think again.

  • see what in ~/Dropbox has changed
  • re-enable Dropbox syncing
  • see what in ~/Dropbox and ~/pCloudDrive changes