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You can build your own NextCloud server for free, if you have a PC with some spare capacity.

NextCloud options

You can have your NextCloud:

  • fully hosted. The easiest option. Also,the most expensive.
  • hosted server space. Not as easy as a pre-configured device. But cheaper than fully hosted.
  • dedicated NextCloud device, preconfigured. Can cost from 480Gb @ £179 to 2Tb @ €699. They appear to be plug-in-and-go.
  • self-hosted. The hardest. You need to know LOADS of different sorts of techie stuff. It is HARD. VERY hard. Can use any Linux computer. Costs nothing.

No fixed IP address and No-IP

Because my domestic broadband does not include a fixed IP address, having the domain name for my NextCloud service point to my server requires some method of being able to automatically have the IP address of the domain changed if my IP address is changed. No-IP provides this service.


This requires a command to be run on startup:

sudo /usr/local/bin/noip2 -c /usr/local/etc/noip2.conf

That needs to be automated. It won't be straightforward.

Port forwarding is needed on the router