Hexadecimal watch words

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A hexadecimal watch display the time in hex symbols, 0 to F. Words can be constructed from the hex characters. A very small subset of those words can appear on a hex watch. If youw hex watch is showing the time as 24 hours in hex, minutes in hex and seconds in hex, here are some words that can be displayed:

10:16:15 appears as A:10:0F which can be read as ALOOF
11:16:13 appears as B:10:0D which can be read as BLOOD
12:10:21 appears as C:0A:15 which can be read as COALS
12:12:10 appears as C:0C:0A which can be read as COCOA. I like this one as it does not require l337 speak conversion of numbers to letters.
13:01:21 appears as D:01:15 which can be read as DOLLS
15:00:21 appears as F:00:15 which can be read as FOOLS
15:16:13 appears as F:10:0D which can be read as FLOOD

There are probably others, especially in the HH:MM display without the seconds.