Desert Order

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Desert Order

Introductory information

The game 'Desert Order', at , is one of those games where you can play for nothing, but you can expect to get your arse kicked by the people who throw real world money at upgrades. It comprises a base where you can build tanks and you try to overtake other bases to get more powerful, then build trains and planes and boats and stuff across multiple maps. Alliances are possible.

It seems to be impossible to capture a second base without allies. I have built armies as large as I can and a new base's default defences blast the daylights out of them in seconds. I cannot see how one gets a second base without help.

I think it is a very new game; they seem to be tweaking balance quite often.

There is a Facebook page by the developers:

When you create a new account it puts you on a training page. For me - and others - it went wrong by putting a target base on top of my own base meaning I could not capture it. There was no solution to this. In the end I contacted the support team and they kicked me out of the training and into the game proper. I don't know what I failed to learn in the training.

The interface

There are options for changing the display and stuff - it took me two days to find them and I found them by accident. As at August 2019, the interface is utter shite. Accessing the configuration, your status, alliance information, basically anything, is awful and mostly inaccessible.

What happens when you are not playing

You'll find, when you you return after not playing, your base often appears in a different location from where you left it. I think bases disappear 15 minutes after you stop playing, but your armed forces stay in place. This makes them very vulnerable as the base's defensive cannons cannot save them. Having anti-aircraft M16 units slightly increases the likelihood of your expensive army still being there when you return.

The other thing you find when returning is that your base is there but your army has disappeared. This occurs to me every night, presumably because my base has disappeared and the players in the USA have all their day to wipe out my army while I sleep.

The units available at the start

You will find that at the start of the game you cannot build half the units, even after upgrading all your buildings as far as you can. You will need more than one base to be able to produce enough steel, etc. to build the advanced units.

The Leo is handy because it can see further than most units.

Building M16s defends your army from air attack.

Building POLUs gives you gold at the rate of 1 Gold per 10 POLUs.

You can build 50 LANCIAs per day cheaply.

With one base and buildings maxed out, you can create about 174 steel per second which gives you a POLU every 7 minutes.


"Best basers is lanc and bison and breda and kral
but for kill troops want battle troops for save ur basers
we killed 4 bases with 30 flaks and lvl3"

So when one has just one base one can usefully build LANCIA, the SP1 Bison Sturmpanzer, the Breda 501 and a ?what?