Climate change actions

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Climate Change - but what can I do?

Do a search for lists of suggestions:

More powerful, quick and easy, one-off tasks are:

  • move to a green energy supplier;
  • switch to an ethical bank;
  • if you have investments, move them to an ethical fund;
  • write to your elected representatives telling them you expect your government to adhere to the Paris Agreement on Climate Change;
  • * If you are in the UK, this is how to fimnd them
  • tell election candidates that this is such a serious issue to you that it will determine how you vote;
  • vote for the greenest candidate.

These acts are the ones that will change the behaviour of governments and corporations.

Ongoing changes:

  • repair and recycle more;
  • buy less;
  • buy local and in season;
  • reduce your waste;
  • turn down your heating and put another layer on;
  • don't fly;
  • tell your employer you want them to be more green in their purchasing;
  • when in meetings ask "What are the environmental impacts of each option?" and support the greener solutions;
  • investigate energy monitoring, insulation, micro power generation, energy saving options for your home;
  • use public transport rather than a car;
  • switch off the lights in rooms that are empty;
  • switch off anything else you are not using;
  • discover the local area before holidaying abroad;
  • wash clothes at the right temperature and always fill the washing machine;
  • don't put the dishwasher on until it is full
  • dry clothes on a washing line rather than a tumble-dryer;
  • shower rather than bathe;