BlackBerry Curve 9320

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BlackBerry Curve 9320 smart phone.

Has desktop software for Windows that wil back it up or synchronise with it. Dropbox notices when it is connected and offers to back up its pictures.

Adding ringtones

Download the desired .MP3 files to some location on your PC.

Connect the 'phone to your PC and use the 'sync media' or 'USB' option, either will do.

Navigate to /BlackBerry/ringtones on the 'phone and copy the ringtones there.

The files will be included amongst the pre-loaded ringtones. Their names will not be the filenames but the embedded name within the .MP3.

Adding audiobooks


Adding music

MoreOrLessBehindThe Stats

Adding pictures

18 items

1 item in picture library

Adding Podcasts

More or Less

Unknown Album - Track 5 - full track stick your job


Setup, Options, Device, Device and Status Information, type in 'test' (nothing is displayed).

Blackberry switching off services 4th Jan 2022

What stops working

  • Email
  • web browsing via Opera
  • time zone download
  • setting the time
  • BlackBerry protect <-- not surprised, shame
  • BlackBerry ID <-- not surprised, don't care
  • Payment and Billing <-- not surprised, don't care

What I have tried

From :

Username: gg
Password: p

The above did not let email or web browsing or time setting to work.


Username: {Leave Blank}
Password: {Leave Blank}

Time zone and time setting still do not work. Nor does going to email settings.

It may be to do with 'Service Book' entries.