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Awnimos is a philosophy, religion, methodology, toolset, system, framework for living. Awnimos is a medieval Japanese word meaning "making things better for one" yet also an African word meaning "making better things for me". Some have created a backronym AWNIMOS for it claiming it stands for Agile Working Network Incentivising Methodological Open Software.

Ceremonial Processes

Awnimos requires regular ceremonies to function properly. One occurs at the start of the beginning, one at the start of the cycle, one each day (the most inclusive), another at the end of a cycle, a review ceremony and one at the end of the end. Similar to the Scrum ceremonies.


The primary principles are:

  • Openness
  • Devotion
  • Respect
  • Focus
  • Commitment
  • Trust
  • Congruency
  • Faith
  • Courage
  • Absolution


Numerous artefacts are available for purchase which improve the team cohesiveness, openness and coherence. Some of these are persistent artefacts, such as the crystals, sun-catchers, salt lamps, lava nuggets and mineral plates. Others are transient artefacts like the consumable mark-up cards, motivational munchy sugar-free sweets and the special white-board marker stamps. The pad of Sacrificial Burn Progress Chart sheets are essential to success.

Fortune Accessories

The Accessories to Good Fortune that are available for purchase include the crystals, sun-catchers and the Feng-Shui Lite II office planner. The Cubicle Awnimos Moniker Plate 'Here' sign is very popular for identifying colleague Awnimos acolytes and practitioners. The motivational posters are legion and legendary. The Methodology Mouse-mats are hygienic and yet to die for. The Acronym Wallets and Purses ensure commitment when out-and-about. The Wall Planner series are ideal for where walls and other barriers should be covered up.


The principal roles are currently novice, acolyte, practitioner, master, coach, certified trainer, director, and ha ha! benevolent-dictator-for-life. More roles, with appropriate compulsory training and annual re-certification programmes can be expected to be formed in the future as soon as need can be formed.


There are to be more books on this subject than one can shake an Awnimos Motivational Focus Stick at. These will be heavily cross-referenced and each thoroughly researched with multiple corresponding entries ensuring clarity, focus and vision. Think of the supporting material for Agile methods to appreciate the intended mass, volume and density of verbiage.

Training Courses

Training Courses and Training for Trainers and Training for Coach Trainers and Coaching for Trainee Trainers will be some of the initial courses to be made available, prior to those courses that will be created that will be essential pre-requisites for pre-certification training. Much in the same way as ITIL training works and Scrum certification works.


Scripture has yet to be written. Will be probably based on something like the Agile manifesto.


Awnimos Methods are a key part that must be followed rigorously if the torture is to be successful. No pain, no gain. They include business cases, benefits realisation plans, comprehensive PIDs, multi-dimensional requirements cross-reference tables and many other techniques as and when they can be identified and defined in exquisite detail.


The Formations are an essential key to Awnimos and must be adhered to, otherwise success cannot be guaranteed. Failure to create and maintain the high-performing Formations results in 'low-success spanners'. These include multi-disciplinary teams (as one has in Scrum), constant access to senior managers (like Scum Product Owners) and it is essential to good communication, efficiency and hyper-profitability that each Formation include at least one marketing consultant and one accountant.


Feel the burn! Sacrifice is needed to achieve enlightenment. In Awnimos this means continuously up-to-date Management_of_Risk compliant Risk Logs and fully completed Earned Value Analysis charts.


Awnimos has been design from the ground up, specifically from ground up standards and absolute compliance to provide Inclusivity to methods such as PRINCE2 integration, TOGAF, ISO 9000, ISO 20000, BS 6008:1980, Investors in People, OJEU procurement, CIPS back-handeriness and triple-entry book-keeping.

Certification Programme

The Certification programme is essential for recruitment and retention. It commences with the no-fail entry-level certification (like PRINCE2 Foundation and CSM) to ensure people are easily bought-in to the path of wallet enlightenment that is Awnimos. After many layers of certification and training (like ITIL), there are the topmost layers of certification which are "stretch goals for over achievers" (like PMI's PMP, ITIL Master).


Permission will be granted to open source developers to use the Awnimos method in software tools, in exchange for a commensurate licence fee to cover access to the Awnimos trademarks.

Professional Body

A Professional Body exists: the Awnimos Consortium. To ensure standards are maintained, membership will need to be renewed each year. Higher levels of membership will be available for advanced practitioners; renewal fees will be significantly higher for more senior members.


Critics say Awnimos is just me saying 'and why not invent my own scam?'