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Aurora - how and when

Polar aurora prediction - - 30 minute to 24 hour prediction of aurora based on incoming coronal mass ejections.

Tips on viewing the Aurora - - "Being able to see the Aurora depends mainly on two factors, geomagnetic activity (the degree of disturbance of the earth's magnetic field at the time) and your geographic location. Further considerations are the weather at your location, and light pollution from city lights, full moon and so forth."

How far South can the aurora be observed - - you need to know:

G for the NOAA Geomagnetic Storm Index (0-5)
Kp for the Planetary K index (0-9)
South of England needs G=5, Kp=9. Isle of Man needs G=3, Kp=7.

Planetary K-Index -

AuroraWatch UK - and their Facebook page

European aurora forecast - (has a map of were you need to be according to Kp levels).

Aurora sky cams! -

Met Office advice -