AI, Artificial Intelligence

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AI stands for Artificial Intelligence.

Here in 2023, the term 'artificial intelligence' does not seem to mean what it used to mean. It used to mean software or machines that could make decisions (based on weightings akin to a human balancing hunches and experience, rather than Yes/No questions like a flowchart), could permanently change their future output based on the the input they received ('learn') or could hold a meaningful conversation (pass the Turing Test ).

Existing tools

Tools people use:

  • ChatGPT
  • Microsoft Copilot
  • Bard
  • Claude

Concepts or miscellaneous information

Generative AI creates by learning from a vast amount of images or text or pictures. The output is different every time.

Acronyms and abbreviations

  • AI = Artificial Intelligence
  • LLM = Large Language Models

Productivity enhancement claims

Some people (who?) are claiming using AI can make document creation 60% faster and improve customer service productivity by 30 to 45% (how?).